Who We Are


With the flat terrains of Qatar as our backdrop and cycling emerging as a serious sport, we come with a passion to assist new and avid cyclists with trust-worthy and reliable advice whilst providing state-of-the-art products and personalized customer service.

What drives us is the love for all things cycling: we are bicycle-enthusiasts and eager to spread our philosophy and mastery to our clients. Cycling is a way of life for us.


As a hub, we offer an engaging customer experience. As a community, we are home to Qatari and expat cyclists: a passionate group of discerning and determined people.

With our commitment, we foster a two-wheel culture in Qatar and support personal empowerment. And that is why we promise our customers that we will be the distinctive, prestigious brand connected to their favorite sport.

Brand Values


We are inspired by an intense passion. We strive to foster an enthusiasm for cycling as an emotional and memorable experience.


We are reliable. Our customers believe in us because we are cyclists first and foremost. We are proud to cater to their needs and offer our full experience and competence.




Cycling involves dedication, constant practice, effort and challenging your limits. We encourage personal empowerment of our customers, in training, endurance and performance.


We offer high-end products and proficient expertise. Professional cyclists and beginners alike will find with us the best equipment and components, services and reliable advice that will serve their needs.